The Google Maps Directions Simplified With Smartaddress To Pinpoint An Address On A Map

The google maps directions makes it easy for you to find out how to go to a place and in which direction to move to reach a location. The new tool smart address creates a simple url to an address that can be identified on the map and one can follow the driving directions and maps to reach out the particular address without any problem. This simplifies the hassles of non-standard address formats and instead by creating a url for your address that can be shared easily using your mobile or social media platform when one needs to come up to your office or home. This url exactly pin points the particular address that you need to go along with not only giving you the postal address but also parking information before you actually get over there. It is also very easy to create the smart address by just logging on to the portal that is offering this tool using your email or social media account and enter the details of your address for the url to be created that simplifies finding your location with the driving directions and maps for one to find you very easily. Moreover, you can protect this url with a pin and share it only with whom you want to.

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By using the smartaddress which is offered for free you can also name it with your choice to customize and express yourself smartly with the url. You can also add smartaddress in the wedding invitation so that you need not print the whole postal address but simply the url that can be clicked to get the google map directions to your place directly. You can also add this smartaddress in your email signature in a webpage contact us. There is also the facility for the commercial businesses to club multiple address of their showrooms or offices with just a tiny and single link. You can enjoy a permanent smartaddress for a lifetime and as and when you move places all you need is to edit the address in the tool. It is also possible to specify the parking instructions, security and entry procedures within the link.

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The portal offers two packages for the smartaddress where it is free for the personal account with addresses ending with .home and .office extensions and 25 map views per day while for the commercial accounts the fee is $0.99 and an address without any extension, unlimited views, grouping of multiple addresses and also optional PIN security. Whichever category you fall you can avail the services and enjoy an exclusive smartaddress url as long as you like.